About IntroSchool

 IntroSchool.com is an education platform to help students and learners find, compare and select the right educational institution in Nigeria (primary, secondary, tertiary, professional and consulting institutions) based on rating by other users.

We are constantly looking to develop skills and expertise. And most times are not well informed on the best options available to get the skill and education we need. This can be frustrating, resulting to procrastination, and often random selection that is not based on informed decision.

 You are likely to have been in a situation where you need to get training in a particular field but not sure where to go to for the best training. You might or know someone who has attended a training program only to realize mid way that it was not the right choice, usually out of misinformation or lack of it.

As a parent, you want to give your child(ren) the best education without needing to pay beyond your capability. You don’t want your kids to go from one school to another before settling for the better school.

IntroSchool.com bring a solution, providing a platform to list educational institutions in Nigeria and allow students or clients to rate and review them based on their experience. All institutions are listed free of charge. We verify every school/institution submitted to the directory before approval.

Parents, current and prospective students and learners can use IntroSchool to search, find and compare schools and learning centres. We are constantly making effort to build our database of schools and institutions are encourage you to help us grow this platform by recommending, rating and reviewing schools in Nigeria.

Our Vision

To make choice of quality education and learning easy for Africans

Our Mission

To build a feature reach platform to help students choose career and the right education institutions for their needs, based on word-of-mouth recommendations.

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